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Love’s Shattered Pride (Ch 1:8)

Edric couldn’t believe how fast time past. He worked very often and hard and his little son grew rapidly. One day Zelda announced that she once again was pregnant, Edric was thrilled. More or less nine months later a son were born, they named his Yaxley and he sure was a cute baby. But Edric felt at ill at this charade. He knew he had to tell Zelda some day and he had already pushed the date of the telling to far. So he just decided, this day was the day with big D.

“Zelda I have something to tell you” he said in a weak voice and she looked mildly interested.

“Yeah what is it?”

“Ehmm… You know before I moved here I lived somewhere else” he started and Zelda nodded impatiently.

“Well I had a family there” he continued and his tone of voice sounded as if he told here his life’s biggest secret.

“Well most people have a family” Zelda replied.

“Well I had a wife and a little girl named Julia” he said in a fast as if he wanted to get i over with. He looked to the ground and sighed.

“You have a daughter?” Zelda asked and sure sounded surprised.

“Well yeah”

“Wow, when will I meet her?”

“You won’t” Edric replied.


“Well it was a car crash and…”

“You killed them!?”

“Of course not” Edric replied sounding very offended.

“I had a shit job and you know found comfort in drinking. So one day I drove late at night and you now suddenly they were just there…”

“Who were?” Zelda seemed very choked and was clutching for straws, wanting her fiancée to be a good man.

“A mother and her son. They died and I… you know. You know was arrested”

“You were?!”

“Yes!” he almost screamed now, “is that so god damn hard to understand? I made a bloody mistake and have paid my price. I have been to prison for it and my family left me you know. She took Julia away from me, isn’t that punishment enough?”

Zelda seemed to be thinking. She breathe heavily and looked very confused.

“I am feed up with you. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I don’t want to see you no more.” she answered and looked very serious.

“I didn’t have the chance. You know, it’s hard, very hard.”

“Well though luck. I don’t want to see you no more!”

Edric looked sadder than he ever had before. But his sadness soon turned to anger.

“Well just leave then, don’t think you will ever meet my sons again!”

And Zelda left and a new epoch started in Edric Colmore’s life.

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Come On Baby Light My Fire (Ch 1.7)

Edric loved his son more than the world! But he had to make a living and because of that Zelda was at home. But at work Edric was unfocused and only thought about his son. He called Zelda almost every hour and wanted to know what Ross was doing and smiled happily when he heard the little boy’s voice.

Suddenly the firealarm started at the  fire station. Edric hurried to the fire truck and drove fast to the sight of the fire. The whole house was on fire and Edric had heard that some one might be trapped inside. This wasn’t that usual and Edric felt the adrenaline rush through his veins.

Trapped at the top floor cried a little girl about Ross’ age. Edric held her in his arms and ran outside. The worried parents were in chock and Edric called an ambulance. While the ambulance hurried of with the poor girl and her family Edric looked at the burnt house. Suddenly he heard some one hiding in the bushes. He looked at the man who seemed very confused. In his hand the man held a lighter and Edric knew instantly that the man had started the fire.

“Oi! Wait!” Edric shouted.

“What?” the man said and tried to look innocent.

“Did you know that it was a baby in that house.” Edric said very upset.

“What house?” the man replied and ran away. Edric looked at the man as he ran, Edric knew that he would never be able to get the pyromanic convicted in a court. That trouble him, the bad guys were still free.

A few months past, almost a year. Ross grew very rapidly and learned to talk and walk. Suddenly an invitation had found it’s way to the Colmore family’s mail box. An invite to the family of the girl he had saved. He hurried over bringing Ross with him.

Mr Landgraab seemed delighted that Edric had brought his son with him. “This is Christie” he told Edric and the little girl smiled. “Sweetie this is the man you owe your life to” he then added and Edric said, “I only did my job”.

Ross looked at Christie with an interesting expression on his face. The two father’s laughed at this and said “The little boy already know how a beautiful girl looks”.

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Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? It’s Albatross! (Ch 1:6)

One day while Edric were taking a shower Zelda rushed in to the small bathroom and vomited.

“Darling are you okay?”

“Ehmm. Yeah I guess so….”

Edric looked very worried and she added in a reassuring voice, “I can take care of myself Ed. Don’t you worry. Go to your job and save some lives”. She smiled at him and he did as he was told.

That day at work he couldn’t stop thinking about Zelda. Was she perhaps pregnant? Perhaps this his second chance. Maybe now he would be able to take care of his family properly. He would be able to live life in a responsible way.

His thoughts were stopped by the fire alarm going of. He rushed to the fire truck and hurried of to the address that were on fire. He loved to fight fires! It made him stop thinking about the past and he felt alive! He felt needed and most importantly he felt that he repaid for his sins.

When the working day had ended he headed home. He was exhausted and laid down on the bed. with an alluring smile Zelda entered the room and laid on top of him, kissing him.

“You know what?” she asked him in between the kisses.


“I am pregnant”

“You are?!” Edric said and smiled. She was indeed pregnant and he really felt like he was given a second chance. “That’s wonderful darling” he added and continued kissing her.

Nine months might seem like a long time but time flew. Edric worked harder than ever, the family desperately needed money to be able to afford all the things a little baby would need and want. He was so happy he hardly reflected about how he had felt the last time he had been told that he would become a father. He had been equally exited and happy. But that had ended in misery and loss.

Zelda’s tummy were very big now and they started discussing names for the baby.

“I want him to be named Albatross” Zelda said.

“What if it’s a girl?”

“It’s a boy. I can feel it” she reassured him.

“Albatross? Isn’t that a quite weird name?”

“Why do you think that? It’s a beautiful name. And for short we will call him Ross. Deal?” Edric looked at her in surprise. Zelda really knew what she wanted.

“Deal” he answered and felt that Ross was a good name, but he had a hard time imagining that he would call his baby son Albatross.

Suddenly one day the water brook. Edric had no idea what to do, he felt so helpless. Zelda screamed in pain and said angrily. “Take me to the hospital, stupid!” Edric obeyed and hurried to call a taxi. When they finally arrived to the hospital he sat by her side, holding her hand and witnessing the miracle of life once again.

Many hours later they were told to leave and that their baby boy were healthy. The boy slept silently and Edric was sure the boy was an angel. The little miracle was his son, his Albatross.

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Mr Hero of the Day (Ch 1:5)

Edric and Zelda-Mae decided that it was time to move together. It may be a rash move but the two lovebirds felt that their love could challenge anything. Together they could afford building a small house, with a romantic red bedroom, a bathroom and a very empty living room/bed room.

They didn’t have much money left when the faboulus house were built. Edric didn’t have a job and Zelda was worried about that. She wanted him to earn money and feel proud of himself. One day she saw an ad in the paper.

Fire station searching for new trainees

Perfect! she thought and hurried inside.

“Hello my hero” she said to Ed and he smiled as a reply. “I have found the perfect job for you!” She showed him the ad and Ed wondered why she thought he was perfectly fit to be a firefighter. He wasn’t very athletic and not very brave, however he felt that perhaps this was fate. Perhaps this was his way to repay what had happened in the past, be good for once.

So he applied for the job and had the luck to be accepted for the trainee position. He started training to get in shape and really devoted himself to the job.

Edric had found his calling. He loved life as a firefighter. He felt that he did the city a favour, it was like he repaid for his sins. He trained hard at the station and after work he ran long distances to really get in shape. He loved it!

The hard training kept him from thinking to much about the past. When he finally got home he was exhausted and fell asleep right away. Zelda wasn’t happy with this but she knew it had been her suggestion that he would join the fire brigade so she felt she had no right to complain.

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Will Never Marry (1:4)

Edric was madly in love. He had loved before but never this intense. He couldn’t think of anything else than of Zelda. He never thought he would marry someone again but that definitive opinion were rapidly changing. He thought about Zelda, and then he thought about marrying her. About making her rightfully his, of Zelda in a white wedding dress.

Edric couldn’t live with out her so he phoned her all the time when they were apart. But mind they were hardly ever seperated. Edric used all his money from the kidney donation on things to Zelda. He bought her fancy dinners, they spend time in the park and at the local diner.

One day about two weeks after the two lovebirds had met Edric thought it was time. He was ready, ring in his pocket, head held high and with love in all his body. He looked at Zelda, thought for a second, is she worth this? Will I be able to commit myself to her, my entire life? Didn’t I promise myself never to marry again back when all bad things happened? Didn’t I promise myself that I wouldn’t spoil anyone else life, I have done that, been there and don’t want it to be repeted. But then she smiled at him and Edric knew he couldn’t resist going down on one knee.

She looked utterly surprised and he smiled nervously.

“Zelda-Mae, Darling. Will you marry me?”

“Silly. Of course I will my love” she answered and Edric put the ring on her finger.

Edric felt happier than he had done since the accident. Or to be honest, happier than he had felt for ages. He were never happy at home, he fooled himself that he was with cheap alcohol and false promises about changing. But the only thig that really matter back then, and sadly it was first now he understood that, when it was to late. The only one that mattered were, Julia.

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Kissing the Stars (Ch 1:3)

The next morning the newly operated man was eager to phone the woman from yesterday. As he dialed the number he felt exhilarated and didn’t really know why.

“Zelda-Mae speaking”

“Hello. You gave me your number yesterday”

“Oh yeah right” she said slowly. “You are the handsome boy from yesterday” she then added and giggled. Edric liked her laugh and couldn’t help but smile as he said.

“I am no boy”

“Well then big man. Would you like to meet at the town square in half an hour?”

“You bet!” he answered happily and hurried to get dressed. (He had a suitcase under the bed).

As Edric arrived at the square Zelda-Mae hurried over to him.

“Hello handsome” she said and Ed was in that moment sure of to things. He had never met anyone so straight forward and he had never been so much in love. It was as if the problems from the past were gone and only Zelda-Mae existed.

“Hello Sweet” he answered and felt quite foolish.

“Easy tiger, I don’t even know your name yet”

“Edric Colmore”

“Cool name. It sounds like the name of a super hero”

“Who says I am not a super hero?” he answered with a crooked smile.

“Well you can say it now. Now when I know your name” she said with a mystical look over her over make-uped face.

“Say what?”

“Say that you love me silly and that you want to take me for a date”

Edric swallowed hard and felt nervous. Were she pulling his leg? He didn’t know. But he sure loved her, from first moment he saw her. Was that kind of love possible?

“I love you Zelda-Mae. Would you like to go to the beach with me?” he asked her.

And so the newly found lovers went to the beach. Edric didn’t really understand what had happened, how did this happen? He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she was like an angel.

“Why did you give me your number?” he suddenly asked her and hoped she wasn’t angry that he asked.

“Because I like you silly” she answered as if he had asked the time. But honestly, what right had he to complain. He had once again found love and perhaps he would now be able to put the past behind him.

“Kiss me” she suddenly said and he leaned over towards her.

Their lips touched each other and he closed his eyes. This most be the meaning of life he thought as he kissed her and felt her peach flavoured lips. He then opened his eyes and was astonished to see so many stars. Ed had grown up in a city and the stars were something new to him.

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Desperate Times Calls for Desperate Actions (Ch 1:2)

Edric had bought the gigantic lot in a town called Sunset Valley because he wanted to get away. Start something new as far away as possible from the big city he used to live in. He saw the ad for the big lot in the paper and thought, “this most be faith”. unfortunately Edric spend all his money and only were able to afford a bed. But Edric doesn’t worry to often, usually things just works out in the end.

So hoping that he would find something useful he went to the scrapyard.

But luck wasn’t on his side and Edric continued being poor and hungry. He went hungry for days, not able to afford a single piece of something eatable. But so on the fifth hungry day he decided that now was the time!

It was almost dawn when Edric Colmore left the sterile hospital. He was a new man and with money in his pocket. Edric didn’t even mind the stitches on his belly. He only had one kidney now, desperately donating the other one to the hospital for just a few hundred simdollars. The doctors had offered him more money but in that moment Ed had felt the need to do something good and not egoistic for once. He didn’t need a fortune for that lousy kidney because Edric had got something more than money out of that surgery. He had got a phone number to the most beautiful girl.

Her name was Zelda-Mae and she was more beautiful than any girl he had ever seen. As in a dream she had walked up to him and pressed a note in to his hand.

“Call me” she had said and he had just nodded because he was so surprised. Then she had hurried away. Edric couldn’t wait to call her! He had no idea that he could ever feel this way again, had no idea that he could feel happiness. It was as if some greater power had rewarded him for being good. Edric liked it.

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Shield-less Children (Ch 1:1)

The shield-less children reminded him of his own again. She had taken away his troubles but then again she had left him in pain.

The children look so innocent, so young, so pure. Edric couldn’t help but feel sad. It was his fault and he knew it, his fault that he had lost his daughter and her mother. He tried not to think about it but was constantly reminded. He swallowed hard thinking about her, about her blonde hair, pale face and green eyes. Edric didn’t notice the little girl’s sceptical look and her mother’s worried expression.

Suddenly he was woken from his thoughts by a woman’s voice.

“So you are the new garbage in town” she said and smiled.

“Ehmm” Edric answered surprised that some one even talked to him. He now noticed the mother and daughter’s sceptical faces and understood that staring at children wasn’t normal behaviour. He rose from his sun-chair and hurried from the pool to the big and empty lot that he called home.

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